Dr. John Owojori

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Saskatoon Southeast


My name is John Owojori, and I am a soil ecotoxicologist with a track record in academia and entrepreneurship. Since 2009, Saskatoon has been my family's home. Here, alongside my wife Rachael, a dedicated nurse and talented artist, and our three sons, we have rooted ourselves deeply within the community.

My journey began far from Canada, enriched by diverse experiences across continents—from rigorous academic training to impactful community engagement. These experiences have shaped my perspective and commitment to service, driving my continued efforts to contribute meaningfully to our local and global communities.

  • Academic and Professional Achievements
    My academic journey led me to earn a Ph.D. from Stellenbosch University and to conduct postdoctoral research in Canada and Germany. I have also served as a professor and visiting Professor with two Universities. My work has significantly impacted environmental sustainability, and I’ve been privileged to contribute to international projects, including a UN initiative to develop a Pesticide Registration Toolkit.
  • Business Ventures
    I have established multiple businesses that contribute robustly to our local economy and community.
    These ventures include a certified driving school, which educates new drivers and emphasizes safety and responsible driving practices. Additionally, I founded an immigration consultancy that assists individuals and families in navigating the complex process of moving to Canada, ensuring they receive compassionate and comprehensive guidance. Another critical enterprise is a business consulting firm that supports budding entrepreneurs with services from idea development to market entry and sustainability.
    This firm also played a crucial role in launching the inaugural Saskatoon Black Business EXPO, a cornerstone event celebrating and empowering Black entrepreneurs in the region. These businesses reflect my commitment to fostering economic growth and supporting our community's diverse needs.
  • Community Engagement
    Demonstrating a commitment to collective welfare and improvement, I serve as the Chair of the Fruitful Vine Foundation, focusing on family and youth support programs, and participate actively in the Electoral District Association of Saskatoon West, helping to shape local policy and community projects.
    Additionally, I hold leadership positions as the President of the Conservative Black Congress of Canada's Saskatchewan Chapter and Chair of the Black Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, which aims to enhance professional development and civic engagement across diverse communities.
  • Vision and Commitment
    Aligned with the Saskatchewan Party's key priorities, my vision for Saskatoon Southeast prioritizes enhancing healthcare systems, bolstering education, and expanding sustainable agricultural practices. I am committed to ensuring that our healthcare system is responsive and accessible, providing top-quality care
    for all constituents. I aim to strengthen our schools and educational programs to equip our youth with the skills necessary for future success. Agriculture remains a cornerstone of our local economy, and I advocate for environmentally sustainable methods that responsibly increase our agricultural exports.
    Together, these initiatives will foster a thriving, inclusive community where everyone can achieve their

I am excited to serve the Saskatoon Southeast constituency. I aim to bring my experience in science, education, and community engagement to the legislative assembly, ensuring we build on our successes and continue to make      Saskatchewan a leader in economic and social development.



  • Experienced Scientist
  • Worked at the University of Saskatchewan for many years.
  • Health Care Worker
  • Worked in Sherbrooke Community Centre.
  • Multiple Business Owner in Saskatoon
  • Represented the Community
  • at local and global levels.
  • Board Experience
  • Board Chair and member levels.


Affordability for Families

Work for better affordability for families to cope with rising inflation.

Improved Service Delivery

Advocate for better delivery of key services in our community.

Health Infrastructure

Advocate for better funding of healthcare services, facilities and supplies in our health facilities.


Create opportunities for activities that will lead to a better life for seniors.

Daycare services

Provide an enabling environment that supports the creation of more daycare facilities.

Small Businesses

Support the growth of small businesses by providing an enabling environment.


Dr. John Owojori with his family and in the community


+1 (306) 262-7277